To all my ex-crushes, ex-GFs and one not-so-special-anymore…

I write this post from the bottom of my heart.

I have had my share of crushes and GFs over the years. It is natural to love someone and there is no reason to hide it. But at the same time, you have to understand that there is a time and a place for the world to know about it. For me, the time and the place is now!

Like every student, I had a crush on my teacher. And another teacher. The best part is that both of their names start with S. So let’s call them Mrs. S from now on. (Fortunately, it leads to confusion to my beloved readers :-))

Mrs. S used to come in my dreams and I don’t know why I still remember that dream! It seems like it happened yesterday but the dream is still so fresh in my mind. I don’t know where she is and how she is.

Mrs. S was very fond of me. I was usually in the top 5. But somehow she liked me more than the student who used to get first rank. In fourth standard, I got second rank in the finals. I had gone to collect my report card with my parents and she kissed me on my left cheek. Yippie! I know where she lives and she is doing fine.

No more one-way love stories from school days apart from a couple of F.L.A.M.E.S! #youremember

We will now proceed to the most happening phase in any student life – College. Just to add more confusion to my loved readers, I shall refer to College to mean PUC and B.E.

In college for the first time in my life, I had 3 one-way GFs. But here’s the twist: the one-way was not from my side! My friend suggested to keep nicknames – Pink, White & Diagonal. I could understand Pink and White. But what’s with Diagonal? My friend explained that as mine was a rectangular love story, Diagonal was the farthest from me. Truer words were never explained in such a simple way!

I have already shared with you this incident – Why I Love YouTube!

All of these were mostly puppy love. Once I finished my golden phase of life, I had one true GF. One serious GF. It all started when I was in my early second decade of my life. (sigh… I am in third decade now!) She (Thank God… it was a she… yaaay!) was this gorgeous, sexy-looking girl. It started as an infatuation, remained as an infatuation for a long time and then some. Slowly it graduated from that and I mustered courage again and asked her out for which she readily accepted. The love phase was awesome and like any other BF-GF, we roamed around Bangalore trying our best not to meet people we knew. I have to give credit to myself… I didn’t meet anyone I knew when I was with her. Pat on the back for yours truly! But all this was short-lived and then started the on-off-on-off thingy. It was depressing, really. It was the saddest phase in my life and I consider myself lucky as I didn’t end up in NIMHANS. There were just 2 memorable moments with her – both happened to be on the same day. (wink wink :-)) I don’t where in which part of the world she is now and I don’t intend to know too.

To all my ex-crushes, ex-GFs and one not-so-special-anymore, I really thank you for breaking up with me. My life is perfect without you!

Happy ValENDtines Day!

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