Why I love YouTube

YouTube today is the rage among people of all ages. Some use it for watching their favourite songs; some use it for watching the “greatest catch ever in cricket history” again and again; while others use it for educational videos. It is highly unlikely that someone hasn’t heard about YouTube.

Well, enough said about YouTube. “Why I Love YouTube” is for a different story altogether. Back in my school and B.E. days, I was not a loser I am now. I had my share of crushes and infatuations during those days. I (kind of) liked a girl but hadn’t spoken to her. This one time, I decided to tell my heart out. I went to her and started with “I have been observing you for a long time, you have made a special place for yourself in my heart” blah blah. Then out of nowhere I spurted out “I Love You”. The following events happened in less than a second… When I said those 3 words, I could see that she was amazed and shocked. Seeing her shocked I was shocked too, instantly realizing what I had told and had to do something about it quick to lighten the situation. So I ended up saying “…Tube”.

So my friends, now you know Why I Love YouTube.

PS: We had a nice laugh about the incident though. I haven’t spoken to her since.

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