be HAPPY, NEW YEAR or not


It’s that time of the year when you get an email from me. “Why?” – you ask. “I never miss an opportunity to disappoint you” – I say!

A year has passed since I sent out my first “To all” email. To the souls who joined us after 02 Jan 2021, please keep a double cup of your favourite non-alcoholic beverage in your hand. “Why?” – you ask. “I want you to read my first email” – what else! (Scroll down a bit and you will see it – seriously guys, you cannot ask such silly questions). No cheating, ok? Take your time and read it.

To the unfortunate souls who joined us from the beginning, I thank you from the bottom of my heart having endured me for an extra 6 months. You have already read my first email and I am sure you have forgotten about it. Don’t lie, I know. You too keep a double glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage in your hand (Like I said, you have tolerated me for an extra 6 months – you need a drink. A real drink.) Go on and read it again.

I am waiting….

I am waiting….

I am waiting….

I am waiting….

I am waiting….

I am waiting….

I am waiting….

I am waiting….

I am waiting….

I am waiting for you to read my first mail.

Done? Sure, right? I don’t mind waiting for some more time. But no cheating, please.

“You still didn’t read my first email? Your loss”. Hmm OK. Just asking – The first cup of your beverage is gulped down, no?

Let’s start now.

What a year it has been. We met one another, sadly in our own cities. But the important thing is that we met. We could finally put a physical form to a digital dimension. (I thought I was tall.) We talked face-to-face, we shared food, we joked and we laughed (I cried after reaching home – out of joy, but that’s a topic for another day.) Phew, I got emotional. #so-not-me. Age does that to you. #again-so-not-me. I am still in my early twenties. #just-clarifying

Now that emotion is off-the-table, let’s talk business.

We have grown leaps and bounds – users, product features, our team. Our app is liked by thousands (8500 to be precise), especially for the uber cool and slick UI. (No one cares about how awesome the backend is – sad story of my life) We started at Stage 1. Duh, rhetorical. We took care of the 3 ‘V’s. Now is the time to whole-heartedly regret if you still haven’t read my first email! Anybody disagrees that we didn’t do the 3 ‘V’s? I will answer it on behalf of everyone – “No”.

From here on, we will look at the ‘Y’s of Stage 2. “Has the regret hit you hard?” We have already started looking into it and will continue to focus on the ‘Y’s. Anybody disagrees? I can see many hands rising. I know, it’s the truth. There is a lot of work to be done. And how do we ensure that ‘Y’s (and ‘V’s) are looked into? I need “You”. Like before, like always, like ever. Without “You”, there are no ‘V’s and ‘Y’s.

And how can “You” achieve this?

be HAPPY, NEW YEAR or not!

PS: I am glad you are still with me.
PPS: I have put PS at the last itself. Happy now?
PPPS: No prizes for guessing which stage we are in (Yes, I copied it from my first email. Anything else you want to comment on?)
PPPPS: No one is looking at “U”.

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