Six word stories… I love it!!!

Me & pal had this conversation. Obviously regarding the “Six Word Stories”.

12:46 PM me: what is wrong with u… huh???
my_pal: what?
me: thoo die
12:47 PM u didnt get it???
my_pal: ?
me: shameless
my six word story response to ur six word status message
my_pal: 😐
12:48 PM me: u are shameless. u know that!!!
now do u get it???
my_pal: yes I do. forgive my ignorance.
12:49 PM u addicted to that site, right?
me: i am thinking what to reply
my_pal: good. take ur time. no rush.
12:50 PM me: good one man… thats fucking awesome
my_pal: ha ha ha! thank u again!
12:51 PM me: this is unfair usage of words
no repetition allowed … play fair dude
12:52 PM my_pal: play fair? just accept you lost!
12:53 PM me: why should i accept defeat… poda
just an indian touch you see:)
12:54 PM my_pal: your choice of words is inspiring
me: i know. now even u know!!!
12:55 PM dont waste time in your office
my_pal: I’m only adding to your words
me: get back to doing ur work
i am jobless… are u too???
12:56 PM my_pal: is that a suggestion? well … pass!
me: pass or fail… they will decide
u just have to accept it
12:57 PM my_pal: don’t try to outsmart me … bitch!
me: i am not trying to … bitch
12:58 PM my_pal: hmmm. ok. this time you’re spared.
12:59 PM me: finally accepted defeated right… fuck off:)
my_pal: a wiseman knows when to stop
me: and what about the dumb man???
1:00 PM my_pal: he keeps writing in six words …
1:01 PM me: amazing reply… i bow my head
my_pal: you are spared bitch!
me: u are the chosen one. Hail!!!
1:02 PM is it 4 word sentences now???:)
my_pal: yes … u can drop the six word thing now 😛
back to normal please. this’s difficult 😛
me: its super cool man… why stop
my_pal: 😀
me: slow and steady wins the race!!!
1:03 PM my_pal: slow and steady wins else’s race
1:04 PM me: that doenst mean anything… my boy
1:06 PM my_pal: like most of what we said
1:07 PM me: thats true… me reiterating the fact
u are too slow man… forget
u are not upto my mark
1:08 PM never mind… improve ur skills ok???
and then lets decide… what say???
my_pal: yes sir. I give up. Pardon.
1:09 PM me: work maadi… enough of wasting time
my_pal: me off for lunch. see u!
me: bye.

Midway my inconsiderate pal gave up.

I hope u guys liked it.
Its so addictive u cant stop.
All sentences are six word stories:)
… in case you haven’t noticed it!!!

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