I had been out of blogging for a while. So sorry folks (i.e whoever still follows my blog). I have recently found a new aspiration to start blogging again. So let me start off my second innings of blogging with a blog about Nothing.

So u must be wondering “How the hell can anyone blog about Nothing???” Cos if u are blogging about Nothing, then u can’t be blogging in the first place since if u are really blogging about Nothing then technically you wouldn’t be blogging at all as Nothing simply cannot be blogged . Think about it… it does make sense.:) You tell me… how can anyone blog about Nothing. I cant u cant. Then how in God’s name am i blogging about Nothing. Thats because Nothing is simple to achieve. (pat on my back from myself… that really was a good sentence) U can just about say anything what’s in ur mind and people will say “Oh… thats Nothing”.  I guess Nothing is omnipresent and omnipotent. To blog about Nothing, u would first concentrate on Nothing. Initially u will find it difficult. You will think that it’s impossible to concentrate on Nothing. Infact u will feel it as a paradox. But after some concrete effort, u really can think about Nothing. Once u have some vague ideas in ur mind about Nothing, u can improvise your thoughts so that Nothing wouldn’t remain as Nothing forever. It must be transitioned to Something:) 
Huh… I myself am getting confused of Nothing now. Do u see the pun here??? “Am I confused of nothing or am i confused of Nothing???.” How did i write so much about Nothing??? Well what can i say… my fingers are just dancing and moonwalking over the keyboard. Some random letters are getting typed. Some stupid words are being written. Some weird sentences are being formed. Though I know that Nothing is being written, my fingers are not stopping themselves from dancing. Ok fingers, I am going to give you some more time. Enjoy your happy time and have a blast and do all the dancing you want. You can type whatever pristine-crap u want. You can dance around in which ever way u want. Thats all you could type. You are already thinking what next to type. What a shame. I thought you will go on and on and on. I never expected you to give up so soon. Time’s up.
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  1. Big Foot says:

    Too much Sienfeld?

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