Grrrr Grrr… Bangalore traffic

Bangalore was called the “Garden City” and “Pensioners’ Paradise”. Today it’s no longer a garden city nor a paradise.

A couple of years back I had blogged about How to save petrol??? Increase traffic!!!. Today, it seems like someone has literally implemented my solution and saved petrol. But now I know I was WRONG! And so was the guy who implemented my proposal:-) Petrol was indeed saved… but who will save our lives!

The traffic in Bangalore is beyond redemption. There are choc-o-bloc traffic jams on every road. Nope… not a single road is spared. At any given time. Whats the reason behind all this traffic??? (Too much) People of course… Consider an analogy of your home. You and your family stay happily. Sometimes u have guests in your house… you treat them nicely… they stay for a couple of days… then they go back to their homes. All’s well. What would you do if the guests stayed longer? You would definitely lose your cool … right. A home can accommodate 5 people. You can adjust with 10 people. You can crib and stay with 15 people. But after that… you will ask them to go back to their houses. Fish and relatives stink after 3 days. That’s normal human behavior. Why not apply the same behavior on the scale of cities?
The way we apply for visas when travelling abroad, the way we don’t stay abroad indefinitely without proper visas… the way you will be deported back to your country after visa expiration… in the same way… we need to have in place a process for obtaining visa if you want to come to Bangalore (or any city for that matter). Come visit Bangalore, do your job and go back to your home sweet home. (I am not against people who have already settled in Bangalore.) That way lots of problems can be addressed. This VISA thing is a genuine solution… there are technical & political challenges to implement it… but its well within our democratic values to execute such a solution… and in everyone’s interests.
And Bangalore will become a Garden City once again!
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3 Responses to Grrrr Grrr… Bangalore traffic

  1. Big Foot says:

    Visas within the country? You aren't in China my friend … by the way the population is still only 7 million. Think of cities grappling with 15+ million … Bangalore will be there in another 10 yrs.

  2. cooolbuddie says:

    Oh wow… nice to know that u still follow my blog!Ya i know that… but something needs to be done… one very feasible solution is to restrict entry into cities. After all, no one can accommodate everyone happily forever.

  3. Pranav Nakhe says:

    Dude you say that coz you are born in Bangalore. 🙂 Ppl like me and Big Foot would have to pay visa fees to work here. Also with 7 million, Bangalore does not figure in top 25 cities by population. so better governance could resolve a lot of issues. Might be a good idea to promote Dharwad (you see its in Karnataka :-)) as a Industrial and IT center. This would lead to lesser migration.

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