South Bollywood

You exactly know what this blog post is all about if you have read my tweet.

The growing trend in Bollywood is to “go down”. (pun intended but geographically ;-)) The stories are going down, the performances are going down and the stunts are going down. No really. Bollywood movies are becoming crap. There is absolutely no grace in the movies anymore. Well I do know that there is “poetic license” for the movies too and there should be but how far can it be stretched is something to ponder about. Case in point: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

Why did this trend start in the first place? “North” people were bored with the “same old same old”. They wanted something different. Not as different as that of Anurag Kashyap and Ram Gopal Verma because they couldn’t understand it. Something more masala-ish… that’s all they asked. And where can you find the true masala – South India.

South Indian movies were, I repeat were, predominantly love stories. Rich girl poor guy, Rich guy poor girl, Family opposition to their love and so on. But always with a twist. And that twist was “larger than life” picturizations. See this video to understand what I mean. South Indian heroes make Rambo seem like a kindergarten kid! Their movies are simple and commercial. And people love it. It’s a classic case of – “Patient also wanted the same thing. Doctor also prescribed the same thing”. (It packs more punch when I say it in Kannada but you get the drift)

For Bollywood, it was as simple as – There is a proven formula down South. Why not “take it and go”! AK, SK and the one with an ‘R’ in between “taked it and goed” to glorious heights. AK remade a South movie but I don’t remember which one (wink wink…). If I talk about SK, then I would immediately be put on the Wanted list and I would need a Bodyguard to protect me. The one with an ‘R’ glorifies stereotypes to a whole new level. Enna rascala, mind it! Needless to day, they all found their mojo and are happy with their 100 crores. And Bollywood is basking in the glory again being the richest film industry. Credit needs to be given to the South but I think South-stereotype jokes are running around 😦 “Biting the hand that feeds u” – not good macha.

The world knows that India is the answer to the “Life, Universe and Everything”. And within India, the answer is down South! I am a proud South Indian. And I am not the way you depict us.

We are like that only, ok va!

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