Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – The dialogue, not the movie

The highly anticipated, much awaited Bhaag Milkha Bhaag had a grand opening. (pun intended – read the post completely, u will understand :-)) People thronged to the theaters during office hours to see the legend come alive. I too saw it first day first show at Cauvery Theater (technically first day first show but not technically technically, if you know what I mean!) The main drawing point was Farhan Akhtar’s 6 pack abs and his athletic look. Man, was I impressed!

After I saw the movie, I did some reading on Wikipedia and really hats-off to the great man! Everyone does mistakes. To err is human.. remember. Lets leave it at that. He has moved on and so should you, rather than discussing about his ‘turning back leading to his failure’. (On a side note, I saw a video which shows that he was not in the fray from the start.)

Another point that caught my attention was – his affair with a foreign girl. I could not find any mention of any affair of his on the internet. Is it so secretive that it’s not on the internet or is it that he told only the director about it or is it just bollywoodized? Can the director show “Inspired by a true story” at the start and take liberty at will? I don’t know.

This blog post is related to his affair.

But before that, a small context check – Cauvery theater is a local theater. I usually go to malls to watch movies (sigh… first world problems). This time, I wanted to watch it with the ‘not-so-sophisticated’ crowd. Watching the movie in Cauvery… man, had I missed something for a long time. The environment was awesome, lively, energetic & lovely. People shouting, whistling, screaming… phew.. it was good. That’s when I got into the mood! I waited for the right moment to join in with the crowd. And that right moment was when he goes into the room with that foreign girl. And that’s when everyone knows there will be a kissing scene. And that’s when the theater became silent. And that’s when he started kissing the foreign girl. And that’s when I shouted “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”. And that’s when the theater came to whistles again!

And that’s when I realized I am local too! And that’s when you realize how yours truly rolls!

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