What really is Intelligence???

Hmmm… lets get started. 
What is Intelligence??? Webster’s English Dictionary defines it as “the ability to learn or understand; the ability to cope with a new situation”. We intelligent humans learn and understand from day 1. We always learn new things, we try to understand the concepts and we adapt to new situations. Without intelligence, we could not have come so far. The technological advances that we have made is immense and marvelous. The two greatest innovations, especially since the last 50 years or so, are the computer and mobile phones; they have changed our world so much that “Six degrees of separation” is actually reduced to three. These things are not possible to accomplish without intelligence. But can we (pro)claim ourselves to be intelligent???
The answer is NO. Why??? Because we don’t know what constitutes intelligence or how to measure it. Comparing to animals, we are more superior and that’s why we call ourselves the Intelligent Animals. But how do we know for real that animals are not intelligent??? What constitutes intelligence??? Sure… we built rockets and animals didn’t… no denying that… but maybe animals didn’t think building rockets to be intelligent. They must have thought “Building rockets??? What a waste of time!!! Let’s do something better”. Maybe they have done something better… Maybe that has changed their kingdom forever… Maybe we don’t even know what it is. Maybe we are not even looking for it. Maybe the animals are intelligent. Maybe we just claim ourselves to be intelligent. Maybe the animals are laughing at our pathetic state. Maybe the animals are making fun of us because we think ourselves to be intelligent. Maybe what we do is dumber than the dumbest. Maybe the true definition of intelligence is not even known to us. Maybe thats why we consider ourselves to be intelligent. Maybe we are the dumbest of all the species. Maybe living in more than 3 dimensions is intelligent. Maybe animals are already capable of it. Maybe animals know what happens after death. Maybe they pass this knowledge to their children. Maybe they know what is there at the end of the universe. Maybe they don’t need rockets to find it out. Maybe they can travel in dimensions which we can’t even comprehend. Maybe they don’t need a language to communicate. Maybe they communicate with all the species. Maybe they communicate with God daily. Maybe they have mastered telepathy. Maybe they don’t need college education to become intelligent. Maybe school and college is only for the dumb ones like us. Maybe they know the answers to everything. Maybe thats why they live so peacefully. Maybe thats why they are not in a rat race. Maybe we are last in the race. Maybe they are telling us what intelligence means. Maybe they are trying to tell us what happens after death. Maybe they are trying to tell us what can be found at the end of the universe. Maybe they are telling us that rockets are a waste of time. Maybe they are trying to tell us answers to all the questions we have. Maybe we are not listening. Maybe we are not even trying to listen. Maybe mankind is deaf. Maybe mankind is blind. Maybe we will never find answers to anything. Maybe we are not even progressing in the right direction. Maybe we will never become intelligent. Maybe I am wrong. Or maybe I am not.
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7 Responses to What really is Intelligence???

  1. Big Foot says:

    Maybe you should consider not writing when drunk …

  2. Maybe you should consider big foot’s advice..

  3. vj says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. vj says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Big Foot says:

    how is that article even in the remotest way related to whatever you have written?Please do not amuse yourself by now replying that yours and that article both use the word intelligence in it … Waiting …

  6. cooolbuddie says:

    dude… i did not post that article. my friend’s name happens to be the same name as mine!!!

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