The Dark Knight

Finally. That’s right… finally I saw it. The only reason why I saw the movie was because my friends forced (some even threatened) me. There was one more reason actually… it replaced numero uno Godfather in IMDB rankings. So I decided to check it out first hand. Is it really such a good movie??? Is it really worth the hype??? Has Heath Ledger really acted that well as claimed by many??? I am not a fan of all these …man movies – Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc. But “Curiosity kills the cat” and I had to find the answers.

As always, my cousin and I went to see the movie. He had booked tickets online at Fun Cinemas. Our experience started off on a bad note. The ticket vending machine was malfunctioning and we couldn’t get our tickets printed though my cousin swiped his credit card twice. We had to go to stand in line at the counter. (I wouldn’t even try to explain our experience waiting in the long queue) Once we got our tickets, we rushed to the theater as we were already 5 minutes late. Searching for our seats we found that someone had already occupied them. When questioned, they told that they mistook their seats for ours. How dumb!!! Can’t they differentiate between 18 & 19 and 20 & 21… God help them.

The moment of truth arrived. The first scene was that of a bank robbery. Nothing great in that scene… you get the first glimpse of the Joker though. Lesson to be learnt from the first scene: “Never trust anyone”. The movie progresses… Batman appears, Joker appears blah blah blah. I do admit that some scenes are good… like the one where Batman goes underneath the truck which Joker is driving and topples the truck… or the scene where its written “Slaughter is the best medicine”… that was really funny… or the scene when Batman (in his ordinary human being avatar) says “It was your idea”.

I still have no answers even after seeing the movie. It’s just an “ok ok” movie. There is nothing extraordinary in this movie that sets it apart. It has no good action sequences, it’s not fast paced… it’s just another movie. So why exactly is this movie considered to be great??? How did it generate such hype??? I guess the marketing team did a very good job… hats off to them. There is no other logical reason for the movie’s success. As it was Heath Ledger’s final movie, maybe it added to the hype. Maybe fans of Heath Ledger paid their homage to their favourite star by generating more hype around the movie. There could be one more explanation: Mass hysteria.

I know my friends are going to comment on my opinion (maybe on my English too), some of them who are Batman-fanatic psychos might even take it personally but that’s that. All in all, ITS DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE HYPE. I learnt my lesson. (I guess you all know which lesson I am talking about… for the not-so-intelligent ones, read the blog again)

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2 Responses to The Dark Knight

  1. Big Foot says:

    Disclaimers killed the man … nice try to defend yourself by putting crap at the end of your blog. Be a man for a change ;)as always Vijay is right

  2. Pranav Nakhe says:

    I agree… its a ordinary movie and I definitely wont watch it for the second time. Dont know why people liked it but i definitely didnt think it was better than movies like Godfather and Shawshank Redemption. A rating of 7 on 10 is max i will give. IMDB ratings are bullshit if they are rating Dark Knight no 1 movie ever.

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