one sandwich = Rs. 175. Any takers???

We all like to go to theaters, watch movies and have a nice time.

I always wanted to go to PVR Gold Class atleast once. I had to wait nearly 40 months for that to become nanasu from kanasu. One fine day, my cousin (duh…) and I decided to watch a movie in Gold Class. We wanted to make our first-time experience special πŸ™‚ So we sat down and listed out all the movies that were currently being screened at Gold Class. Due to lack of options, we decided to go to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. My cousin had booked the tickets online for the 7:30pm show. So we decided to leave house at 6pm. To our bad luck, we got caught in traffic and then in rain and then in traffic again. It was 7:35pm when we reached Gold Class. I was cursing my cousin for being late and vice-versa. To our good luck, the movie started at 7:45pm or so. As soon as we entered Gold Class, we were offered a glass of “Appy Fizz” each. I had to drink both the glasses 😦 Then we went inside the movie hall. There were 32 seats (four rows of 2-4-2 seats) and by God, it was houseful. (the reason why I was astonished is that each ticket is Rs. 500, India is definitely shining)

The barcaloungers were awesome. The cushions were really soft and it could recline to 180 degrees. We actually saw the whole movie horizontally πŸ™‚ During the course of the movie, one of the theater staff came with a menu. We had a look at the prices and then at the food items. One sandwich = Rs. 175!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I thought “ok maybe the quantity will be good…” and ordered a sandwich, thereby drastically reducing the weight from my wallet. Let me explain the quantity now: exactly 2 slices of bread, 2 tomato pieces, 2 cucumber pieces, a couple of chips, some cheese spread I guess, a lettuce leaf and a small cup of ketchup. Lets evaluate the actual cost of that sandwich: exactly 2 slices of bread – Rs. 2, 2 tomato pieces – 25 paise (a kg of tomato costs Rs. 10), 2 cucumber pieces – 25 paise (one whole cucumber costs Rs. 3), a couple of chips – 25 paise, some cheese spread – maximum Re. 1, a lettuce leaf – 25 paise maybe and a small cup of ketchup – Rs. 3. That comes to Rs. 7 tops. A reasonable price considering we ate in Gold Class would have been Rs. 50. But it was Rs. 175!!! The entire time we ate, we cribbed and cribbed. The irony was that we kept asking ourselves “Which stupid guy will pay so much for a sandwich???”

Haasige iddasthu kaalu chaachabeku” – lesson learnt.

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2 Responses to one sandwich = Rs. 175. Any takers???

  1. Big Foot says:

    serves u right …

  2. wtf? “my cousin(Duh..)?” what was that supposed to mean?? am i that unimportant??? bugger….

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