How to save petrol??? Increase traffic!!!

Recently petrol prices have touched a whopping $140 a barrel on the international market. Every nation is working on various strategies which would lower petrol consumption. Some of those strategies include use of renewable/perpetual energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy. One (stupid) strategy would be to increase traffic, resulting in traffic jams!!!

Let me explain how. My cousin and I, on my bike, were going back home through Bellary Road one sunny Saturday afternoon. Just after the TVS showroom, we got stuck in a major traffic jam. I waited for a minute and then switched my bike off. It was standstill traffic. Every couple of minutes, the traffic used to move a meter or two. I didn’t bother to switch on and pushed my bike for that extra meter. Same was the case with other bikers. This continued for about 20 minutes. Only then did I realize that not a single drop of petrol was used by the bikers stuck in that jam.

Call me stupid but petrol was saved!!!

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1 Response to How to save petrol??? Increase traffic!!!

  1. vj says:

    You are one step closer to the Flintstones!!

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