Thesis and ME

I will share an interesting incident as to how I got myself into doing Thesis when I am already doing an internship.

But before that, a quick background story…

    I feel that any person who is doing an M. Tech should do a Thesis. (that’s my opinion, so you cannot comment on/criticize it) As I respect my opinions (I think I atleast should), I decided to do a Thesis under Prof. Srinath. So a couple of months back, I spoke with sir regarding this and he said he was ok with it. But some weeks later, sir asked me if I was interested in Ziva internship. After the usual discussion with friends and more friends, I decided that internship at Ziva would be better than Thesis. So I accepted the offer. But I still wanted to do a Thesis because I wanted to do a Thesis.

The following foreground story explains the title of my blog –

    ‘Java’ usually co-ordinates with Ziva. So ‘Yeti’ and I decided to canvas Java to talk to sir regarding the project work which Ziva would give us. The gist of the canvas was if Ziva internship is hectic, we will not do a thesis. We wanted Java to talk and negotiate. We also told Java how to react and respond to possible bouncers from sir. We then went to sir’s cabin. The moment of truth had arrived. The following events are in real time…

    Java: (knocks on sir’s door)
    Sir: (gives a “why are you here” look)
    Java: Sir, this is regarding thesis.
    Sir: So have you guys decided?
    Java: Yes sir.

Now I have to do my thesis:(

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2 Responses to Thesis and ME

  1. Big Foot says:

    He he … was a hilarious incident wasn’t it? … but more I try to figure it out, we would’ve been in the same mess even if we would’ve gone by ourselves 🙂

  2. Munna ! says:

    Cool buddy … All the very best !

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